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A rooftop experience

Deanna Clark joined her son, TJ, (both shown above) in helping build a garage for a neighbor of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School in Wauwatosa, Wis. The construction project is detailed in the article "High school students live out school's vision" in the October issue of Forward in Christ.

What motivated Clark to toil on a stranger's roof on a hot summer day? "TJ was my motivation," she says. "His dedication to working on the project is what motivated me to help out. Knowing that my time and effort went into something that my son was a part of felt great! And working side by side with him was priceless."
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Learn more about Kingdom Prep

TJ is one of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School's founding students. He committed to joining the school when he was in eighth grade at St. Marcus, Milwaukee, Wis.

To learn more about how Kingdom Prep began just two years ago, read "New WELS high school opens" in Forward in Christ's archive. A pdf of the article is available there. Just choose the cover of the October 2018 issue and flip to page 22. Or, click the "Search past 5 years" button and choose the tags "October" and "2018."
KPLHS opens, FIC October 2018

A first look at the October issue

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