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A change of plans

In September, Forward in Christ reported on the virtual soccer camp held at Cross of Christ, Boise/Nampa, Idaho, in the article titled “God sometimes changes our plans.” Here learn more about how five young adults helped carry out this project.

Kurt Wetzel, pastor at Cross of Christ, reports, “All the teens but one were members at Cross of Christ. They’re all interested in pursuing ministry or are already studying at Martin Luther College (MLC). Coach Ben is an MLC student who lives in Washington and helped out as part of his Daylight experience through MLC. The others are members at Cross of Christ and were excited to try a new project and think through the logistics of an outreach event.”

Wetzel adds, “Moving this event online helped us with our outreach as a multi-site ministry. Rather than having to confine ourselves to one location for a week, this is something we could share and promote with prospects at both locations in Boise and Nampa. This online campaign has expanded our reach across the valley and allowed us to connect with new people. I also really enjoyed working with our group of teens who helped with this project. They have such a heart for their Savior and the people of our community. I learned a lot from them as we worked together to try this.”

If you haven’t read the article yet, learn more about Cross of Christ’s virtual soccer camp and other virtual Bible schools and camps held by WELS congregations this summer. The article also includes links to watch videos from Cross of Christ's camp.
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MLC students launch stay-at-home VBS program

Six Martin Luther College (MLC) students saw a need and stepped up to fill it. They worked together to create a stay-at-home vacation Bible school curriculum that WELS families and congregations could use this summer housed at a website titled "Child's Pray."

The mission of the site was to create a user-friendly place for parents to explore God's Word with their children. The theme of the lessons was "God loves me so much." Pictured is a student from Bethel, York, Neb.

The MLC students also put together sessions for youth groups to help encourage teens to return to in-person worship as it is available in their area. These sessions are also available at the same site.
At home VBS

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