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Christa Holland, lake cropped

His grace is enough as I walk through the valley

"It would be easier for me to tell you that I have cancer or lice—or even syphilis—than what I do have. In fact, at first my pride told me to submit this anonymously. But what I have isn’t something that I need to be ashamed of despite the fact that there still (!) seems to be stigma surrounding it. I struggle mightily with my mental health."

This is how Christa Holland introduced her article, My Christian life: Dealing with mental illness, to Forward in Christ's staff. Have you read it yet? Holland courageously details what it's like for a Christian to live with panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety.
Lyon, May

May is mental health awareness month

Pastor Greg Lyon also tackles the topic of mental health in the May 2020 issue. Read his article on anxiety in the next installment of his Bible study series "A Bible story just for me."

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