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Sneak-peek from the July issue:

When politics drives you crazy

Are you ready for this election cycle to be over? Do you find politics creeping into your family gatherings? Is politics so polarizing that you can’t have a sensible discussion without tempers flaring? If politics is driving you crazy, the simplest thing you can do to regain your sanity is turn off the cable news and listen to the good news.

Cable news programs have an agenda—to increase their viewership and sell more ads. They do this by creating fear and anxiety in people. They want you to believe that if the next election doesn’t go the right way, the world, as we know it, will come to an end. Well, here’s the good news: Jesus is really in charge. Elections don’t determine our future. God does. That’s what the Bible teaches us.

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Forward in Christ launched its first live, online Bible study in January. It was based on Pastor Greg Lyon's Bible study series, "What if it's true . . ." We're planning to host another in October based on Pastor Charles Degner's new Bible study series, "When politics drives you crazy." Take this survey and help us know what you'd like to see in a virtual Bible study.

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