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Kids dumping water on pastor

How to be a real man

Daron Lindemann

I still have a black leather vest that I wear when riding my motorcycle—a cherry red 2010 Harley Davidson Electra Guide Ultra Classic, with Rinehart exhaust pipes you could hear coming a mile away.

The vest is weathered with rain, sweat, sunscreen, and the remains of a gazillion bugs. It’s also covered with different patches, with plenty to say.

When I wear the vest, I feel like a tough guy. My biker friends call me Revvv. Get it? I’m a pastor (Rev.), and my Harley loves it when I crank the throttle to roar down the road (rrrrrrevvvvvvv)!

But I feel much tougher than that because one patch on my vest says, “Real Men Love Jesus.”

This month, on Father’s Day, we celebrate a bunch of men. All right, guys, I’m talking to you now. Here’s the best reason to celebrate: You love Jesus.

If you can grill a burger to perfection, bring home a paycheck that makes life comfortable for your family, or crack the funniest dad jokes, you’re a good man. But much better than that, if you love Jesus, you’re a real man.

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Daron Lindemann wearing his motorcycle vest
Daron Lindemann on his motorcycle
Pastor Daron Lindemann is just as comfortable spending time with students at CrossLife, Pflugerville, Texas, (top featured photo) as he is wearing his leather motorcycle vest or riding his Harley motorcycle.

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