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My christian life May 24

God reunites a mother and her daughter

A story of how God brought together a mother and the baby she gave up for adoption.

"I've been mulling this story for 52 years, so I know it pretty well."

Karen Smith's story is one of love—a love for a baby she didn't keep.

But it's not only Karen's story. It's also the story of Becca Backhaus, the baby Karen gave up for adoption.

And it's their story together, a story of the unusual circumstances that allowed them eventually to find each other and become part of each other's lives. "We think we're in charge, but we're not," says Becca. "Who could have come up with all of this? God works things out in his time, in his way, for your good, and in ways you never would think."

An unexpected pregnancy
The year was 1970 when Karen (then Stewart) and her parents learned the news. "I was 19 and pregnant," says Karen. "Marriage was not an option, and abortion was not an option." They decided together that Karen would have the baby and give the baby up for adoption.

Watch the recording of the April 30 Bible study

Screen view of Pastor Greg Lyon's Zoom Bible study on the topic "What if it's true . . . that you are forgiven"
On April 30, Pastor Greg Lyon led a live, online Bible study based on his April FIC Bible study, "What if it's true . . . that you are forgiven." If you struggle with forgiving others or forgiving yourself, this study is for you.

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