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What does God want from you?

Gregory Lyon

I had never thought about it this way until I heard him say it. “Imagine how smoothly our school year would go if our classrooms were filled with 25 Pharisees.”

What a lightbulb moment that was for me. He was absolutely right. Twenty-five perfect little angels with their feet firmly planted underneath the desks, their hands respectfully folded in front of them. They’d be driven to get the best grades and have the best attitudes. They would raise their hands every time a question was asked. No one would come up with an excuse for why they didn’t do their homework because they always had their homework done! Twenty-five dream students.

Wow! Imagine it! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a Pharisee-like spouse? child? co-worker? boss? parent?

Join Pastor Lyon for a live online study on March 26!

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