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I have depression, but Jesus has me

Luke Italiano

I have depression. Which really means that depression has me. It owns me.

Thursday. I want to do nothing. A pressure pushes down on my neck and back, bending me over. Breathing becomes toil. My bride looks at my expression and knows: Today is a bad day.

I hadn’t called up the friendly neighborhood depression salesperson and said, “Yeah, Thursday? Could you stop by? I’m a little low on purposeless gloom.” And it’s not even that I forgot to pay the happy man. “Oh, sorry, I did not send the check for my monthly supply of glee. Can I make up the difference on next month’s bill?”

Nope. Depression owns me. And Thursday it decided it would be nice to pay a visit to its little slave and maybe hang around for a while.

But I’m a Christian. Okay, I’m not supposed to be a grinning idiot at all times. I’m not some mega-church preacher who always has to look smarmy. I get that. Sadness is a part of being Christian. Jeremiah wrote Lamentations. Martha mourned at the grave of her brother. Christians suffer. It’s part of who we are.

But shouldn’t I have joy, no matter my emotion at the moment?
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