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An unexpected call to ministry later in life

“Sometimes God just says no—this is where I want you to be right now.”

Those are the words of Damion Glisper, member at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wis. Although Glisper has had many different jobs, he’s always had a heart for ministry—and God called him to serve in a way he wasn’t expecting.
Damian Glisper imposing ashes on the forehead of a worshiper at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wis.
Damian Glisper and young adult at Atonement Lutheran School
Damian Glisper in the pulpit at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wis.
Photo information: Damion Glisper and Pastor Tom Kock (top featured image, left to right) serve at Atonement, Milwaukee, Wis. Glisper is pursuing full-time pastoral ministry through Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary’s Joshua Urban Ministry Program, which focuses on equipping African-American men for ministry.

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