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What's your story?

You never know when God will provide an opportunity to share the hope you have.

Matthew Vogt

It was well after 10 p.m., in Conway, Ark., a small town north of Little Rock. I had just gotten done with a late meeting. Earlier in the day, my car rental reservation fell through, and I had to pivot to taking Uber, a rideshare, to the meeting. Front Street was quiet and dark, and my Uber app was spinning in search of a willing driver to take me back to my hotel.

In the meantime, Dave had just sat down with his dogs after a full day of work, followed by a few hours of Uber runs. His day was over. But something drew his attention to his Uber app. He noticed a late-night request for a ride back to a hotel near the airport in Little Rock. There were no other drivers online. He decided to go back out and make the run.

My wife (who was on this trip with me) and I were thrilled when our app finally said that a driver named Dave in a silver sedan would be arriving soon. We’d be at our hotel 37 minutes after that. Dave pulled up and stopped in the middle of Front Street. “No rush,” he said. “There aren’t any other cars coming through here anytime soon.”

After a bit of small talk (“Where are you from?” “Las Vegas.” “Why are you here?” “Helping start a new Lutheran Christian church.” “What do you do?” “Mission counselor. I help groups share the gospel and start new churches in their communities”), Dave said matter-of-factly, “I’m agnostic.”

Dave had a warm personality. Middle-aged, short-sleeved polo shirt, clean-shaven, bright-eyed, living in the Bible Belt. I was very curious. “Were you always agnostic?” I asked. “What’s your story? How did you get to this place spiritually?”

Dave was willing to tell me, an “open book . . . to a fault” in his own words.
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