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A deeper problem

by Rev. Robert Fleischmann

For 35 years, I have traveled throughout North America giving presentations and Bible classes on life issues. Invariably, attendees try to pin me down on political issues. I always respond, “None of the political parties understand original sin.” Their strategies are inherently flawed.

We see this sad reality in a recent Wall Street Journal article that reported abortions have risen since the Dobbs ruling on June 24, 2022* (“Procedures on Rise Since Court Voided Roe v. Wade,” Oct. 25, 2023). Two weeks later another headline announced that one more state had codified abortion rights into its constitution (“Ohio Voters Enshrine Right to Abortion,” Wall Street Journal, Nov. 8, 2023).

The jubilation in the streets from the pro-life community on the day of the Dobbs decision reflected the natural relief that comes from accomplishing a 49-year goal. Unfortunately, many people forgot that the decision addressed a symptom of a deeper problem.

How can we raise a generation that cherishes life?

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Check out how three Christians are promoting value for all lives in their families.
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