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Church interior service

Mission dreams

Andrew Schroer

I always wanted to be a missionary.

From early on, God seemed to be pointing me in that direction. Since I was a little boy, God surrounded me with people who encouraged me to become a pastor. In school, languages always came easily for me. When I was in college and at the seminary, opportunities to reach out to people from other cultures and other languages were constantly falling into my lap.

And I enjoyed every single one of them.

During my seminary days, I would hear the stories of missionaries from the past who traveled to far-off lands or Native American reservations or even the inner cities of the United States, sharing the good news of God’s love with people who didn’t know about Jesus. I would often daydream in class about one day treading where they trod.

I knew being a missionary meant sacrifice. I knew it meant change. I knew it meant getting out of my comfort zone, but that’s what I wanted to do.

At first, it looked like my dream was going to come true. My third year at the seminary, I was given the privilege to serve as a vicar at a church in Monterrey, Mexico. After graduating from the seminary, I was sent for a year to serve a congregation in Mexico City, Mexico, and then was permanently assigned to help start a new mission congregation in Miami, Florida, where I would be serving people from dozens of countries who spoke a variety of languages.

I was living the dream.

Then came Sept. 11, 2001.
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