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5 family members standing in front of church

True freedom in the gospel

The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways and in unique places. For Casy Phillips (pictured above left), also known as Shia, that place was a jail cell. Casy’s story is one filled with turbulence, but the Holy Spirit worked within Casy and brought him peace.
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Advent candles Joy
Why is the third candle pink? That is probably the most asked question about the tradition of the Advent wreath. The story is a bit complicated, so we will focus only on the basics of these devotionally symbolic colors. . . .

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My Christian life: Perspectives from a lay missionary

4 women our to eat
After teaching in WELS schools for a decade, Cindy Lendt decided to sell her house and move to East Asia where she served as a lay missionary with Friends Network, a WELS-affiliated mission organization that has trained and supported more than 340 lay . . .

Joseph also went up

Joseph and pregnant Mary walking along path
Joseph couldn't have been too happy when he heard the Roman decree that everyone must go to his own town to register. “Great. A trip to Bethlehem. Just what we need.” Mary was pregnant. Was she eight months along? Nine, even? A trip of any kind was going to be . . .

Q&A: Why is Pontius Pilate immortalized in our creeds?

Q&A 2023 Dave Scharf
We are okay with the mention of Mary’s name in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. She was the mother of Jesus, and Scripture praises her piety. But it’s almost jarring that the only other person mentioned by name in those creeds is Pontius Pilate. He was the faithless . . .

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