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Cover of "Advent devotions, Hope: Week one" from Forward in Christ. Includes a church stained glass window and an Advent wreath with candles.

FIC's Advent devotions provide storybook experience

Looking for a new Advent devotion series? Check out Forward in Christ's series, which includes one devotion for each candle on the Advent wreath. Each devotion includes online extras like a digital storybook and an audio recording as well as a video of a Martin Luther College choir.

FIC's Advent devotions featured in WELS Together video

Read these articles from the December issue:

Opening doors in Advent and beyond

Advent calendar with doors open
I grew up with Advent calendars. You know, the kind that are printed on thick stock paper and have little doors that, when opened, reveal a lamb or a shepherd or some other figure or object. For a child like me, it was exciting to discover what was behind those . . .

Shifting congregational culture

white arrows pointing sideways and a red arrow pointing up
Is there a business that keeps drawing you back not because of its price or selection but because of some other trait? Perhaps it is your neighborhood coffee shop—the one where everyone is so friendly and somehow feels like a little piece of your hometown, even . . .

Q&A: Why is Pontius Pilate immortalized in our creeds?

Q&A 2023 Dave Scharf
We are okay with the mention of Mary’s name in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. She was the mother of Jesus, and Scripture praises her piety. But it’s almost jarring that the only other person mentioned by name in those creeds is Pontius Pilate. He was the faithless . . .

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