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Justin Burk with his son

One serviceman's faith journey

Military service requires bravery. Service members put their lives on the line for others, and that willingness for self-sacrifice is often a part of the military ethos that inspires so many men and women to join. With such high stakes and incredible responsibilities, young service members mature quickly but can struggle to maintain that discipline after separating from military service.

Justin Burk (pictured above with son Maverick), a member at NorthCross, Lakeville, Minn., discovered this truth the hard way. “You’re in this bubble where it’s sort of hard to get into trouble. There are always people to catch you and sweep you into your room. You’re watching each other’s backs and making sure they stay out of trouble. I acted like I still had that net,” he says.

However, a series of wake-up calls reminded Justin of how he had strayed, putting him back on track—in his faith and his life.
Justin Burk at the end of basic training
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Justin Burk joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2008. Here he is shown at his recruit graduation service with his sisters.
Bible with flag and the title "Military Services"
WELS members in the United States Armed Forces are not alone in their spiritual walk. WELS Military Services provides spiritual support to those stationed in the United States and abroad through a full-time civilian chaplain in Europe, a national civilian chaplain and liaison to the military, and a network of WELS military contact pastors across the United States.

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