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Please explain:

How is church discipline a loving practice of the church?

Jon Buchholz

“They kicked me out of the church.”

The man in his mid-40s was sincere as he told his story. He had once been active in his congregation, but after his divorce he had moved in with another woman. The pastor and the elders of the congregation met with him several times—until he stopped returning their phone calls. One day he received a letter indicating he had been removed from communicant membership. He was convinced the congregation had “given him the boot.”

Sadly, many perceive church discipline this way—as a harsh, loveless process that separates the unworthy outside the church from the holier-than-thou on the inside.

The reality is very different.

One woman’s gratitude for being excommunicated

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If you had told Cherry Simpson 40 years ago that she’d eventually be back at the WELS congregation from which she was excommunicated—she probably wouldn’t have believed it. But now she is back, and she says the discipline she received from the church saved her life.
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