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Mind-blowing love

Anna Linden's core of strength is her faith in God. “I never deserved the love that he gives me! I’m not worthy of it. And despite all that, he still died for me. It just blows my mind,” she says. Read her "Confessions of faith" story written by Ann Jahns.

Grace—God’s unconditional, undeserved love—is a concept that used to be foreign to Anna Linden (pictured above with her two daughters). Now it is a familiar concept: She receives grace from her heavenly Father and gives it to those she encounters in her life and work.

Anna was born and raised in Belarus, an Eastern European country within the shadow of the former Soviet Union. Church wasn’t a part of her upbringing, and she didn’t have friends or relatives who had Christian faith. In fact, in her family, religion was “frowned upon.” The “pomp and tradition” of religion was something to distrust.
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Anna Linden as a child and with her parents
Pictured: (Left) Anna at age 4 in her Soviet school uniform. (Middle) Nine-year-old Anna on the first day of first grade. Note the star-shaped pin she is wearing with a photo of Lenin inside. Each year, the children moved up a step in communism, and the star was for that step. (Right) Anna with her parents in 1996, the year she moved to California for school.

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