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Ella Goede

"I was hurting"

Ella Goede shares her mental health struggles and how God gave her the strength to endure.

Going into high school I knew to expect the unexpected, however, nothing could have prepared me for the four years to come.

I discovered that I struggle with change, so being in this completely new environment—unsure of who my friends were and unsure of who I was—led me to develop anxiety early freshman year. I had no idea how to handle it, but thankfully some of my friends pushed me to get the help I needed. Through joining various activities and meeting the right people, I managed my anxiety and was eager for the rest of high school.

But come sophomore year, I fell into a deep depression. Those same activities and friends were still bringing me joy, but I was hurting when not with them. I had no motivation for school, so my grades were awful. My relationship with my parents was struggling as a result, and I felt lost. I had no hope that things would get better.

One day in the midst of an anxiety attack, I almost ended my life.

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