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Inglesia Cristo WELS Internacional congregation

Moments with missionaries: Abe Degner

The streets were packed with tourists, vendors, and colorfully dressed dancers. It was carnival weekend in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and thousands had flocked to the city to celebrate. We were there to celebrate too—but not because of carnival. We had something so much better to celebrate . . .
Eduardo Milanesi teaching in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Missionaries Abe Degner (left) and Andrew Johnston (right) with an Academia Cristo student (middle) in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Two boys reading a Bible in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Henry Herrera and Eduardo Milanesi in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Captions: Featured image, top) It was a time to celebrate when Iglesia Cristo WELS Internacional received an Academia Cristo group from Cochabamba, Bolivia, as a congregation.1) Eduardo Milanesi planted a church in Cochabamba, Bolivia, after studying with WELS' Latin America mission team through the Academia Cristo app. 2) Two of WELS' missionaries to Latin America are Abe Degner (left) and Andrew Johnston (right). They are pictured here with another Academia Cristo student, Fredy Padilla. 3) Henry Herrera (left), president of Iglesia Cristo WELS Internacional, welcomes church leader Eduardo Milanesi into fellowship. 4) Two young attendees of the celebration in Cochabamba. Learn more about the celebration.

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