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confessions of faith March 23

Confessions of faith: Lynne Eby

An atheist who hated Christians discovers the truth of God’s Word.

Lynne Eby shares a lot of similarities with the apostle Paul.

Lynne spent the first 35 years of her life hating and persecuting Christians. Today, she is a passionate believer with a mission to reach others and share the good news she has learned.

The Holy Spirit used a knock on Lynne’s door at just the right moment to give her an opportunity to hear the gospel message.

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Take a look at these articles from the March issue:

Q&A: Is God fair?

Q&A 2023 Dave Scharf
Let's start by looking at what fair means. Fair means being impartial and honest. In other words, fair means treating everyone equally. If people demand a fair wage, they are not asking for favoritism. They simply are asking to receive what they have earned and . . .

Training the next generation of leaders

Lutheran Leadership teens March 2023
This year, for the first time, WELS high school students were specially invited to attend the WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership in Chicago. Sixty-one teenagers from ten area Lutheran high schools attended keynotes and breakout sessions . . .

Moments with missionaries: Craig Wilke

Home missionaries
Sermon illustrations are not always easy to come by. Sometimes you rack your brain for a story, a life experience, something you’ve read, but nothing comes to mind. Other times you experience something that you just know will be a great sermon illustration someday. . .

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