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photos for Confessions of Faith January 2023

Why are you WELS?

Why are you WELS?

For John Boggs, a first-generation Lutheran with Catholic roots, the answer has everything to do with God’s grace. “[I’m WELS] because this church body that walks together in faith and ministry and joy preaches and teaches and shares the unaltered grace of God in every way, shape, or form,” he says. “They do it imperfectly, sometimes they do it in different ways, but God’s grace reigns supreme here and I get to be a part of it.”

The Boggs family’s passion for the grace of God runs deep. Currently, John is a professor and coach at Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, Wis. His wife is a WELS teacher, and they have four children who are either in public ministry or attending a synodical prep school.

But John Boggs and his family of origin were not always WELS. Looking back at his family’s Catholic roots, John often finds himself asking, “How in the world does a little Catholic boy from Indianapolis, Indiana, wind up serving in the public ministry of WELS?”

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