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Top 10 articles read on forwardinchrist.net in 2022

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4 seasons of a tree
Beginning this month, Pastor Richard Lauersdorf launches a six-part Bible study on the psalms, focusing on how the psalms can provide encouragement and godly perspective during any life event. The first article in the series focuses on when troubles fall into our lives.

“DANGER! Falling Rocks!” the sign said.

We were traveling down a secondary road alongside a steep cliff in the mountains of Colorado. What should we do? Turn the car engine off, cover our heads, and just sit there? Back down the twisty way we had just come up? Or step on the gas, hoping the rocks wouldn’t fall on us?

Read all the psalms this year!

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Explore these articles from the January issue:

Q&A: How can I better manage what God has given me this year so that I glorify him?

writing new years resolutions in journal
Everything you have is a gift from God. One could categorize God’s gifts with five Ts: talents, time, temple, truth, and treasures. Being a steward (or manager) is managing God’s resources in God’s way because of God's love. By managing his gifts, you . . .

Resolving to share joy

hands close up giving a flower to another person
Tackling self-improvement projects can lead to increased feelings of contentment. Getting outside more often or losing those stubborn pounds can create a sense of satisfaction. Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to adopting New Year’s resolutions. Failure to . . .

Christ begins

Corissa Nelson artwork Christ Begins
We stand and we watch on the bank, wide-eyed. Water runs and all heaven opens wide, And a voice like thunder replies. Here’s my Prophet, my Priest, my King, A light in the dark, Christ steps in; Here’s my Savior, my God, my King, The time has come, Christ . . .

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