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"Go, Tell It on the Mountain"

Have you visited FIC's interactive Christmas hymns page? Hiding under the Bible ornament are written reflections and videos about the song "Go, Tell It on the Mountain." Below is one of those reflections. Click "Visit website" and then the Bible ornament at the bottom of the Christmas tree to experience them all.

Our son had a growth hormone deficiency, so over his first few years he was exceptionally small for his age. At the age of four, he was old enough to participate in his first children’s Christmas service. Though physically no bigger than a two-year-old, emotionally and spiritually he was a thriving four-year-old. We debated whether to involve him in the service as he was so much smaller than the other children. But he so wanted to be with his classmates.

“I want to sing praise to Jesus!” he exclaimed.

The night of the worship service came, and the whole school was up in front to sing “Go, Tell It on the Mountain” (Christian Worship 361). He was so small next to all the other children. The teachers decided to have the children begin by singing the first verse. As they finished the verse, all at once we heard what sounded to us like the voice of one child singing with all his heart and every ounce of his strength, “Go, tell it on the mountain!” The same thing happened after each verse.

Following the service, he excitedly told us, “I praised Jesus, Mom and Dad, for taking away my sins! Did you hear me?” With misty eyes and joy-filled hearts, we assured him that we had. We also shared how proud we were that he had sung his praises to Jesus, his Savior, for others to hear. That’s when “Go, Tell It on the Mountain” became my favorite Christmas hymn.

Paul Lindhorst, Christ, Big Bend, Wis.

Favorite Christmas hymns

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