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table with thanksgiving food and candles

At the King's table

Written by John Holtz

BREAKING NEWS: You’ve been Mephibosheth-ed. Mephibo . . . what?

A Bible story will answer your question much better than I can. Read 2 Samuel 9:1-13. Mephibosheth’s story is an illustration of a person who receives something he did not deserve. It is a moving story of a promise kept and the untold kindness that goes with it. It’s a riveting account of unexpected graciousness, of undeserved love.

And it’s a vivid example of something that happened to you: Grace. This is not someone else’s story—it’s yours.

In this story, we meet a man with a not-so-common handle—Mephibosheth—living in a place with a not-so-familiar name—Lo Debar.
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Thanks for not giving

pumpkins and leaves around a thankful words
Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to give special thanks to God for the many ways in which he has blessed us. We have many blessings: a Savior, our family, our health, our jobs. It’s easy to thank God for those blessings because they are so obvious and so . . .

The gift of rest

man sleeping on couch with dog
Give a one-year-old a toy drum and that child will keep banging. Nonstop. Until Mom or Dad can’t take it anymore and pull the drum away. “WHAAAAAAA!” the little one screams, unable to handle the idea of losing this new noisemaker. The noise is addictive, and so . . .

Thank God for conflict

Devotion November 22 man and woman talking on couch
The election didn’t go the way I wanted. I can still be grateful. My neighbor’s yard sign irritates me every time I look in that direction. I can take a deep breath. Family gatherings will be tense as we carefully tiptoe around extra-sensitive topics in our conversations. I do . . .

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