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A closer look . . . at life as a seminary student

Micah Koelpin is poised to graduate from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and receive his first call into the pastoral ministry. But first, we put him to work at Forward in Christ!

Micah took the time to walk us through A day in the life of a future pastor as part of a three-page feature in the April issue of Forward in Christ. Of course, his day-to-day life probably looks a little different today than it did when he wrote this, but he's still working toward the same goal.

We also had the opportunity to talk to Micah at the seminary in early February. Watch this five-minute video to learn more about his time as a seminary student and what he's looking forward to upon graduation.

Cameo appearance

Seminary student Micah Koelpin also makes a brief appearance in the April WELS Connection, which focuses on the education that our pastors receive at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. This month's WELS Connection video is available for anyone to view from home.
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