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Redeemer members stained glass window sanctuary

Small church creates big labor of love

Many WELS churches feature stained glass windows that beautify their worship space. But not many of those churches take on the big task of designing, creating, and installing those windows themselves.

When Redeemer, Big Rapids, Mich., began making improvements to its sanctuary, the members knew that the plans needed to include an upgrade to the windows. The dream was to add eight new stained glass windows that combined beauty with religious symbolism. During the planning process, the congregation recalled that two of its members had hands-on exprience in creating stained glass: Pastor Jeffrey Weber and his wife, Karen. The Webers had learned the process at their previous congregation. “When we moved to Big Rapids, people found out about our experience,” remembers Pastor Weber. “They wanted us to do it again.”

Even though they could create the new stained glass windows themselves, the Webers knew the value of involving other members: “Having the congregation work on the windows made the windows theirs,” says Karen. So the members rolled up their sleeves and got to work.
A member of Redeemer, Big Rapids, Mich., working on a stained glass window blueprint
Members of Redeemer, Big Rapids, Mich., installing a stained glass window
Members of Redeemer, Big Rapids, Mich., tackled the project of designing, creating, and installing stained glass windows for their church.
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