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In love with God's Word

Are you in love with God's Word? Nathan Nass, pastor at Christ the King, Tulsa, Oklahoma, met a man who challenged his devotion to the Word. Nass writes:

The phone rang in my office. The voice said, “I’m looking for a Lutheran church.”

That’s a rare thing to hear in Tulsa. My heart raced: “We’re a Lutheran church! How can I help you?”

He answered, “I’m looking for a Lutheran church to donate all my Lutheran books.”


I met with the man and heard his story. He was an atheist for years, but when he decided to study all the major world religions, God used his Word to convince him that Christianity is true. He then began to study Christian denominations: Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, and Greek Orthodox. He went deep. He ordered and read as many books as he could.

I was amazed. “What do you think of Lutherans?” I asked.

He said, “I loved reading Martin Luther’s writings. I have never heard of someone so in love with God’s Word. I loved his devotional approach to every part of Scripture and how God’s Word was part of his daily life in every way.”

“That’s great,” I said. “So you want to be a Lutheran, right?”
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