James Hemmelman

Disappointed but not defeated

James Hemmelman (pictured above with his wife, Abby), a 2020 graduate of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wis., is featured on the back page of the July issue. Here's a portion of his article:

As I consider the impact that COVID-19 made on the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary class of 2020, I recognize that the losses we experienced are relatively small compared to the suffering that the pandemic has inflicted upon many in our country and across the world. Missing out on our last few months of in-person classes and our graduation ceremony is disappointing, but it does not compare to the pain and worry experienced by those who lost income or watched loved ones suffer or die. But there is disappointment. . . .

Despite the disappointment, we continue to trust that God is working all things for our good. We are confident that he will strengthen our faith as he has always done and even use these experiences to prepare us for our future work. God is equipping our class to bring the message of Christ’s love into a world that is desperate for good news. Because of this, the spring of 2020 is still a time of thanksgiving and joyful praise to God!

Hemmelman was assigned to serve as the associate to the Dakota-Montana district president at St. Paul, Rapid City, S.D. Click to see the full list of vicar and graduate assignments from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Make sure to read Hemmelman's full article when the July issue is published.

Following up with Micah Koelpin

In the April issue, Forward in Christ featured an article by seminary senior Micah Koelpin that detailed a day in the life of a seminary student as well as a video interview with him. Wondering where Koelpin was assigned? He'll soon be serving Good Shepherd, Beloit, Wis. Missed his article?
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